CCTV Network Accessories

No CCTV system is complete without a network cable management system to safeguard all its essential components. Keeping security cables organized improves maintenance efficiency while keeping networking areas safe. Security Savvy provides all the necessary accessories for network cable management including hanging hardware, cable ties, cable trays, and connectivity products.

Secure your CCTV cables off the floor with Magnetic Cable Holders from Security Savvy. This handy and affordable network cable management device installs quick and easy without drilling. Utilizing the power of rare earth magnets, this triple plated magnetic cable holder can support up to 26 pounds. It is coated with premium plastic for long lasting durability, can rotate 360 degrees and be re-used.

Wire cable trays like the PRO-10 Straight Section of Wire Cable Tray from Wiremaid make an excellent CCTV cable manager. Its innovative design with built in splice/bonding loops expedites installation with less labor and materials. This network cable management system is extremely versatile; it can be configured around obstacles and adjusted for vertical changes.

On the connectivity side of things, Security Savvy provides Coaxial Connectors ideal for hooking up RG59 cable. We stock BNC, F style, and RCA connectors in crimp on and compression styles. All our connectors are manufactured of quality materials to maintain signal stability while minimizing return loss.

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