Box Cameras

Box Surveillance Cameras

When you need a durable outdoor security camera for your surveillance system, the box camera is the solution for you. With a box camera you can easily control: the viewing angle, magnification, lenses, customize the camera housing, and mounting location. They record during the day or night, and frequently feature light sensitivity controls, low lux ratings, and digital noise reduction (DNR).

For an indoor box camera with high sensitivity to low light conditions, Security Savvy provides the Box Camera, Indoor, Sony 1/3" Super HAD Sensor, Starforce. This box camera utilizes Digital Noise Reduction technology and an IR cut out function for resolving strong background lighting conditions. Star-Force technology improves minimum illumination down to 0.001 Lux without infrared LEDs.

The Digital Pixel System calculates the light in every pixel separately for unmatched clarity and color reproduction. It has automatic gain control and on screen display menu controls as well.

Box cameras are extremely versatile when it comes to designing your security system. When strategically placed, they create a high profile criminal deterrence. Security Savvy carries a variety of Camera Housing and Mounts for security cameras, allowing them to be mounted from walls or ceilings.

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