Security and Video Surveillance Cameras

Ready to expand your security network? Building a new CCTV network? Security Savvy has everything you need to establish a professional CCTV monitoring solution for your company or private residence. Our surveillance cameras utilize a wide range of technologies to capture and store images in a variety of settings.

Consider the purpose of your CCTV network before making your investment. The location and intended purpose of your surveillance cameras can weigh heavily on final decisioon. Dome Surveillance Cameras provide a more discreet option for point of sale and office monitoring. The dome obscures which direction the lens is facing. Bullet Cameras might be more preferable for outdoor trespassing deterrence as they are more high profile and visible.

PTZ Surveillance Cameras are excellent for rooftop or parking lot monitoring as a single camera unit can cover a wide area in a high level of detail. A strategically placed PTZ camera can do the work of several bullet cameras, and have the ability to zoom in to read license plates. Wide dynamic range (WDR) surveillance cameras are excellent for monitoring in low light surroundings. They can compensate for window reflections and unfavorable backlighting.

Box Surveillance Cameras are high profile, often weatherproof, and vandal resistant options for outdoor surveillance. These can be housed in cases made to withstand the worst the elements can throw at them. Security cameras come in either a fixed or a varifocal lens type. A varifocal lens can be refocused and directed by the user.

Wireless Cameras tend to be small, desktop sized indoor cameras for office and residential applications. Some of these have infrared or high definition lenses like larger dome cameras and can be controlled wirelessly. Being Onvif conformant, wireless cameras with that designation can be accessed and viewed via mobile devices.

Security Savvy also supplies camera lenses as well as housings and mounts to set up security cameras. We are your one-stop-shop for security products including bulk security camera cable, fire alarm cable, surveillance cameras, and accessories. Our team of professionals are eager to assist you with any questions you might have. Thank you for visiting our website.

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