CAT5E Patch Cords

CAT5E Networking Patch Cords

The CAT5E patch cord is made up of stranded bare copper conductors, lending them their superior flexibility for short distance runs. These are commonly used for one foot to ten foot connections between patch panels and computing devices for that reason. Stranded conductors can bend easily without damaging, but do not carry a clear signal as far as solid copper cable.

Security Savvy provides CAT5E patch cords designed for indoor LAN, voice, and video applicatioons. These are available in molded snagless boot, molded boot, and non-booted assembly style versions. Safeguard your networking connections with CAT5E patch cords with a molded snagless boot to prevent damage from cable snags.

The CAT5E Ethernet Patch Cable, Molded Snagless Boot, 5ft is speed tested up to 350MHz. for indoor networking applications in non-plenum areas. This CAT5E Ethernet patch cord is terminated with high quality RJ45 connectors with 50 Micron gold plated contacts for superior conductivity. The 24 gauge stranded copper conductors are arranged into four color striped pairs for easy identification.

Machine made and injection molded, this CAT5E patch cord has a snagless boot that avoids getting caught and causing damage when moved. It protects the release tab from getting caught on objects. These are available in up to nine different colors to suit your application. It ranges in length from half foot to up to 100 feet.

For applications around electrically noisy environments, Security Savvy recommends the CAT5E Ethernet Patch Cable, Shielded, Molded Snagless Boot. This CAT5E patch cord has a protective bubble over the RJ45 release tab. This prevents snags and cable damage, which is especially important when installed in difficult to reach areas. Conductors are shielded with aluminum foil to prevent electrical interference.

Shielding is important for applications involving sensitive electronics or running cables close to electrical wires. This CAT5E molded patch cord is available in up to seven different color jackets in lengths ranging from single foot to up to 100 feet.

Whatever the scope of your networking project, Security Savvy has got you covered! We provide a wide range of bulk cable, connectivity products, tools, and wall plates. All of our networking products are manufactured of the highest quality materials and made to meet the highest of industry standards.

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