CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cables

Bulk CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable

CAT6 Ethernet cable isn’t just for office voice and data networking, it has CCTV security applications as well. Many of the more recent generation surveillance cameras such as IP cameras are powered via Ethernet cable. Security Savvy provides bulk CAT6 network cable in jackets to suit the nature of the specific application.

Make sure your CCTV networking project is up to building codes. This is particularly important if running cable through environmental airflow spaces or vertically between floorrs. Running cable through plenum spaces to connect IP surveillance cameras requires a CMP rating like the 1000FT CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Plenum CMP.

Its low smoke fire resistant PVC jacket makes it suitable for installation through airflow spaces. Its 23 gauge solid copper conductors yield favorable attenuation and crosstalk characteristics. This CAT6 network cable is sold in seven different color jackets in quantities of 1,000 feet in pull boxes.

Floor to floor vertical networking require riser rated CAT6 network cable like the 1000FT CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Riser Rated CMR. It has 24 gauge solid copper conductors arranged into four color coded twisted pairs. Its CMR PVC jacket complies with RoHS, and it has high density polyethylene insulation. Its outer jacket has a rip cord to facilitate installation. This CAT6 network cable is available in up to nine different color jackets and sold in pull boxes of 1,000 feet.

Outdoor CCTV networking projects including aerial applications can utilize the 1000FT CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Outdoor Shielded Aerial. This CAT6 network cable has a 1.2mm steel messenger wire to prevent sagging when installed across rooftops. It has an outdoor rated CMX PE jacket to withstand extended exposure to sunlight and environmental conditions. This 23 gauge bulk cable is also used for antennas, cable, and satellite television installations.

Underground networking inside of conduit requires CAT6 network cable with a thicker jacket built to control moisture intrusion. The CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Direct Burial Outdoor Shielded has gel filled insulation and a CMX jacket to handle the elements. Its conductors are 23 gauge solid copper for network speeds up to 600MHz with aluminum foil shielding. The outer jacket is also UV resistant to handle sunlight exposure.

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