CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cables

Bulk CAT6A Networking Cable

Some high end surveillance cameras capture and transmit HD video at up to 750MHz. Security Savvy supplies CAT6A network cable suitable for high speed voice, video, and data applications including CCTV. It is available in several different jacket types to suit various applications. Plenum, riser, direct burial, outdoor, and shielded, Security Savvy has it all!

We recommend shielded Ethernet for CCTV installations where cable is run near high voltage or other electrical cablles. The 1000FT CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable, Shielded has 23AWG solid copper conductors with aluminum foil and mylar shielding. This CAT6A network cable is protected from outside EMI generated by nearby cables and electrical equipment. Shielding also prevents the cable itself from emitting electrical interference and affecting sensitive electronics. It has a low smoke, zero halogen jacket in compliance with RoHS.

Surveillance CAT6A network cable being run through environmental airflow spaces like plenums must meet stringent industry requirements to comply with building codes. The 1000FT CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable, Plenum CMP is built specifically to suit such requirements. This plenum CAT6A network cable has a flame resistant CMP rated jacket to resist the spread of smoke and flame.

It has FEP insulation around its 23 gauge solid copper conductors and has a compound jacket for low temperature resistance. It comes in both white and blue jacket colors and supplied on a wooden spool of 1,000 feet. CCTV cable run from floor to floor requires a riser rated jacket for vertical applications.

The 1000FT CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid Copper UTP Riser with its 23AWG conductors is made with high density polyethylene insulation. Commonly used for floor to floor backbone networking, this CAT6A network cable has low attenuation and power sum crosstalk characteristics. Jacket is CMR rated for riser applications and comes in blue, white, and gray color jackets. Sold on wooden spools of 1,000 feet, it also has a longitudinal rip cord for easy jacket opening.

Outdoor CCTV applications can benefit from the CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable, 750MHz, Solid Copper. This CAT6A outdoor network cable has 23 gauge solid copper conductors arranged into four color coded twisted pairs. It has a black UV rated CMX jacket for sunlight resistance, and is sold on wooden spools of 1,000 feet. High density polyethylene insulation also protects conductors from moisture intrusion.

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