CAT6A Patch Cords

CAT6A Networking Patch Cords

Ready to future proof your blazing fast Ethernet network? Security Savvy will get you there with our CAT6A patch cords suitable for 10G networks. Data transmission becomes vulnerable to electrical interference or EMI. They are tested for transmission speeds up to 750MHz. allowing 10GBASE-T to run over longer distances up to 100 meters.

The CAT6A Ethernet Patch Cable, 10G, Molded Snagless Boot is sold in up to seven different color jackets in lengths ranging from single foot to up to 100 feeet. These CAT6A patch cords have 24 gauge stranded copper conductors in four color striped pairs. They are factory machine made and injection molded with a snagless boot design to prevent damage during installation and maintenance.

Our CAT6A patch cords are ideal for indoor voice, video, data, and security applications. A new CAT6A patch cord Security Savvy offers is the Mini CAT6A Ethernet Patch Cable, Shielded. Its ultra slender cable body works great for high density networking in confined spaces. These CAT6A patch cords are terminated with high quality shielded RJ45 plugs with 50 Micron gold plated contacts.

They even have a CMR rated PVC jacket making them suitable for floor to floor networking. Security Savvy carries an extensive selection of CAT6A mini patch cords in up to eight different color jackets. They are sold in lengths from single foot to 50 feet. Conductors are shielded with aluminum foil and the RJ45 plugs have a metallic casing to protect against EMI.

Whatever the scope of your networking project, Security Savvy has got you covered! We provide a wide range of bulk cable, connectivity products, tools, and wall plates. All of our networking products are manufactured of the highest quality materials and made to meet the highest of industry standards.

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