CAT7 Bulk Ethernet Cables

CAT7/7A Bulk Networking Cable

Need cutting edge speed for your data network? Category 7 network cable adheres to even higher standards for mitigating crosstalk than CAT6A. Shielding is applied to individual twisted pairs as well as to the cable as a whole. The nature of the twisted pairs and number of turns per unit length also increases the radio frequency shielding. Security Savvy supplies both CAT7 and CAT7A network cable for the ultimate future proof networking solution.

> The highly recommended 1000FT CAT7 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Indoor Dual Shielded Indoor has aluminum/mylar shielding of the 23AWG solid copper conductors and tinned copper braid shielding around the cable as a whole. This minimizes electrical interference and prevents crosstalk. This 1000FT bulk CAT7 network cable has a CM rated jacket for general purpose indoor applications for voice, data, video, and security.

This CAT7 network cable is sold on wooden spools of 1,000 feet and has a gray PVC jacket. For a 10G outdoor networking installation that will stand the test of time, Security Savvy provides the 1000FT CAT7A Bulk Ethernet Cable, Dual Shielded Solid. It has aluminum/mylar shielded 23 AWG solid copper conductors and a tinned copper braid outer shield. The jacket is low smoke zero halogen for indoor and outdoor installation.

The LSZH jacket of this 1000FT bulk CAT7A network cable produces minimal smoke and hazardous fumes in the event of a fire.

Arrived prepared for your next high speed networking project with Security Savvy’s Shielded RJ45 Connector for CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7. These shielded RJ45 connectors have a slim strain relief and work with both solid and stranded Ethernet. The strain relief prevents cable snags, while the gold contacts prevent signal loss.

If you have a question about how CAT7 network cable can improve your network's performance, our friendly, experienced customer service representatives can assist you. Invest in Security Savvy’s bulk cable, and future proof your network. Thank you for visiting our website.

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