CCTV Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Security Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Wire mesh cable trays reinforce CCTV networks by providing a bridge along ceilings to safely run cable. These dynamic cable management solutions keep cables organized and safely off the ground. Utilizing wire mesh cable trays to secure CCTV wiring is cost effective and NEC compliant.

Security Savvy supplies wire mesh cable trays manufactured by Wiremaid which install without cutting or bending required in the field. This cable management solution with pre-fabricated fittings reduces installation times by as much as 50%%. Only one tool is required for most installations.

Benefits of the PRO-10™ Wire Cable Tray System:

  • Pre-fabricated Fittings Reduce Installation Time by as Much as 50%
  • Only One Tool Required for Most Installations
  • Large Load Tested Capacity
  • Industry Compliant Bonding and Splicing Built-in
  • Powder Coat Finish for Long Lasting Durability
  • Adapts to Complex Architectural Designs

The PRO-10 Straight Section of Wire Cable Tray is made with an innovative steel mesh design with built-in splice/bonding loops. This design enables efficient, quick installation, which costs less labor and materials. This wire mesh cable tray can be easily configured around obstacles, and ranges in length from 1 foot to up to 10 feet. Security Savvy’s cable trays for straight sections are available in sections from 1’ to 10’ in length, and from 2” to 6” in depth.

Wire tray junctions allow you to route your networking cable in multiple directions as needed. The PRO-10 Wire Cable Tray 4-Way Junction is commonly used for CCTV cables, security wiring, and electrical distribution. We offer junction cable trays measuring from 2” to 6” in depth and from 6” to 24” in width. These junction wire mesh cable trays come in “L” junction and “T” junction configurations also.

Changing elevation for your cable management tray system requires en elevating tray. The PRO-10 Wire Cable Tray 9" Elevation Change routes CCTV cable between wire mesh cable trays at different heights. Depth varies between 2” and 6”, and width is selectable between 4” and 24.” It is made of large gauge wire measuring over 4.5mm for robust load capabilities.

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