Coax Connectors

Coaxial Cable Connectors for Surveillance Networking

Your CCTV network not only depends upon quality coaxial cable, but also the connectors designed to maintain signal integrity. The lower the return loss measurement, the better the impedance stability, and the more solid the performance of the signal. We supply coaxial cable connectors in BNC, F-type, and RCA for connecting RG59, RG6, and RG11 cable.

CCTV surveillance networks utilize 75 ohm coaxial cable connectors like the BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connector for optimal signal integrity. It is typically used for radio and television equipment, and consists of two bayonet lugs on the female connector. Attach it to the coax cable with a simple quarter turn of the coupling nut.

The BNC RG59 Compression Connector features 360 degree true radial compression. Its manufactured from precision machined annealed brass with an anti-corrosion nickel-plated finish. These BNC coaxial cable connectors have a Delrin insulator and an integral beryllium copper and gold plated contact. Installation is quick and easy with its 1/4" - 1/4" cable preparation. These coaxial cable connectors are also waterproof.

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The F-type coax connector has a 75 ohm impedance match up to 1 GHz, and is frequently used on RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables. The F-Type RG59 Nickel Compression Connector, SealSmart™ provides quick, simple, and long lasting terminations. This F connector has a molded in gasket providing a weather tight seal at cable entry. The captive center contact design provides for a single crimp termination. It is commonly used for CATV, home theater, security, DSS, and residential structured wiring.

When wiring sound systems for audio, RCA coaxial cable connectors are generally used for the clearest audio signals. For the ultimate in signal quality, Security Savvy offers the RCA RG59 Universal Compression Connector. This RCA coaxial cable connector is compatible with most RG59 standard, tri-shield, and quad shielded coax cable. The 360 degree compression ring reduces ingress/egress at the RCA connector.

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