Direct Burial RG59 Cable

Direct Burial RG59 Cable for CCTV

Coaxial cable is the cable most commonly used in CCTV networks. RG59 cable specifically, is manufactured with a 75 Ohm impedance making it an ideal choice for low power video and radio frequency transmission. When it comes to outdoor installations, our Direct Burial RG59 cable is made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions while maintaining a higher signal integrity.

Our RG59 Siamese Direct Burial Coaxial Cable, CCTV, 20 AWG BC, 95% BC Braid, 18/2 Stranded BC, is commonly used for running data and power CCTV surveillance cameras and radio frequency applications in one single pass. It is surrounded with a Cellular Polyethylene Dielectric insulation and 95% bare copper braided shielding. It includes 2x 18 AWG stranded bare copper conductor with HDPE black & red insulation. This is covered with a CM rated jacket. The cable's jacket is designated CL2 with adequate jacketing and insulation to handle moisture and sun exposure.