DVR Recorders

DVRs - Digital Video Recorders

The Digital Video Recorder, or (DVR) stores video and in most cases, audio signals from closed circuit surveillance cameras for documentation and detection. The DVR recorder provides a wide range of advanced functions over VCR technology including search features. When a suspicious event occurs, the DVR can be searched for events by date, time, and camera feed.

Surveillance DVR recorders also allow control over frame rate and image quality so disk space can be optimized for the intended purpose of the CCTV system. It can be configured to store data up to a certain amount of time and allowed to overwrite old data once the disk becomes full. Take into consideration the purpose of your CCTV system before making your investment in a DVR recorder.

What is the purpose of your CCTV surveillance system?

If you’re monitoring a large area or using high definition cameras you’ll require a DVR recorder capable of recording at high resolution. A 960H DVR can record cameras that film at 720 TV lines of resolution or greater, and retain data more efficiently than older DVRs. If your application requires high resolution surveillance with more detailed image quality, you’ll want a DVR recorder capable of high resolution data retention. Security Savvy also offers hybrid DVR systems which are a combination of DVRs and NVRs (Network Video Recorders). The NVR records CCTV data and stores it on a network so it needs not be in the same location as the cameras.

How many cameras are you going to record?

This determines the number of channels you need to record on. DVR recorders generally come with a selection of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or up to 32 channels for recording input.

How much data storage do you require?

DVR recorders vary in the amount of disk space provided for storing data. We provide DVRs with hard disks capable of storing anywhere from 500 Gigabytes to up to 6 Terabytes or more. Many of our DVR recorders are sold at a base configuration of 500GB but have the option of different hard drives.

How long are you saving the data for?

For a surveillance solution needing long term data storage for multiple cameras, you’ll need a DVR recorder utilizing H.264 Main Profile or better. The H.264 Main Profile DVR system is more efficient than older recording technology, uses less hard disk space, and stores better quality images. We offer DVR recorders like the 4 or 8 Channel 960H DVRs, 1-2TB HD.

This DVR recorder utilizes H.264 compression technology delivering 960H resolution. It has HDMI, VGA, and BNC video outputs, and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices. Free DDNS is included, as well as CMS software for PC. Mac OS CMS is available via App store. This DVR recorder has built in PTZ control and motion detection. Digital zoom is available for live view and playback.

Another CCTV recording solution for recording analog and HD-TVI cameras is the DVR Recorder, 4 Channel, H.264 Compression. This DVR recorder is capable of recording feeds from up to 4 different cameras at once. It uses real time H.264 compression technology for 720p resolution recording. It supports IR remote control and PTZ control.

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