Fire Alarm Cable

What is Fire Alarm Cable?

Fire alarm cable is manufactured in accordance with a number of fire safety ratings to connect life saving fire protection system. We provide superior quality riser rated fire alarm cable (FPLR) which is suited for floor to floor fire alarm installation. Our high quality plenum rated cable (FPLP) is utilized for a plenum space which is the open air duct system below a raised ceiling. The NEC has established acceptable limits for burning and emissions.

What Fire Alarm Cable Do I Need?

Before purchasing, make sure you’re aware of the intended application for fire alarm wire so your installation will be up to code. The type of rating depends upon where it is being installed. For your riser rated floor to floor vertical networking, you’ll require the FPLR Shielded Fire Alarm Cable These high quality alarm cables are made to Riser standard and help ensure your fire alarm system is secure and reliable.

These two (2) solid copper conductor cable ranges in gauge size from 12 to up to 18 gauge. It has a voltage rating of 300 volts and is commonly used for wiring fire alarm, smoke alarm, fire alarm panel and fire alarm pull station, siren alarm to mention a few.

If you wire fire prevention system running cable through environmental airflow spaces, Plenum Shielded FPLP Fire Alarm Cable is recommended. This plenum fire alarm cable is available in both two and four conductor variants, ranging in size from 12 gauge to up to 18 gauge. This item is popular for power limited controls and has a fire retardant jacket for reducing toxic smoke. Its jacketing makes it safe for running through plenum airflow spaces. It also has aluminum mylar shielding to protect the data signal in electrically noisy environments.