Fire Alarm Cable - FPLP Shielded

Why is Plenum Fire Alarm Cable Imperative?

Fire alarm cable is the backbone of the fire detection system. Fire alarm cable is designated by the NEC according to its permissible applications. The NEC rates the cable: FPLP, FPLR, or FPL based on the alarm cable’s fire reducing characteristics. FPLP shielded cable is a power limited plenum cable intended for installation in air ducts, plenum spaces, and environmental airflow areas. A plenum space allow the fire and smoke to move rapidly. If you are using a plenum cable, the toxicity level would be lower since the jacket material is made of flame-resistant material. It is a fire-retardant plastic made out of a low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

FPLP shielded cable must pass rigorous inspection in order to meet the FPLP designation. We offer shielded fire alarm cable ideal for installations near light panels, switches, or other electronic devices that would cause interference.

What kind of Fire Alarm to buy?

The shielded cable is needed for noisy Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). These alarm wires are usually rated up to 300 VRMS and the number of connectors depend on the type of fire alarm system you are installing. The fire alarms typically come with 2-6 conductors. A common cable used for wiring in buildings would be to run a 2 conductor 14 guage cable

We carry both two and four conductor shielded fire alarm plenum cables such as the 18 guage 4 conductor Shielded Plenum (FPLP) Red Fire Alarm Cable. This fire alarm shielded cable is sold in 1,000 foot increments, and is composed of two solid bare copper conductors. It has a low smoke PVC jacket making it safe for installation in air ducts or plenum spaces. This FPLP shielded fire alarm cable is RoHS compliant, meeting NEC and ETL requirements.This type of fire alarm is typically used in hospitals, schools, and buildings with two or more stories.