Fire Alarm Cable - FPLP Unshielded

Fire Alarm Cables for Your Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire alarm cable is designated by the NEC according to its permissible applications. Make sure to verify the requirements of your fire system before making your choice as there are different ratings based on the intended application. FPLP unshielded fire alarm cable is a power limited plenum cable meant for installation in air ducts, plenum spaces, and environmental airflow areas.

FPLP alarm cable must pass rigorous inspection in order to meet the FPLP designation. This type of fire alarm wire is designed to quickly self-extinguish in a blaze, while generating a low quantity of smoke.

Make Sure to Pick Up Alarm Cables for Fire Safety Installations

The 1000 Ft Plenum FPLP 18 guage 2 conductor Fire Alarm Cable is a multi-conductor FPLP cable. It has a rip cord for easy jacket separation. It has sequantial footage markings on the jacket so you know how much cable is remaining. Its low smoke generating PVC jacket is safe for installation within plenum airflow spaces.

This FPLP fire alarm cable is ideal for fire protection, alarm and signal wiring, smoke detectors as well as for motion detection devices. This FPLP alarm cable is intended for low voltage, power limited applications, and is RoHS compliant. It is supplied on a 1,000 foot spool. We carry FPLP fire alarm cable sizes including 12, 14, 16, and 18 AWG.

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