Fire Alarm Cable - FPLR Unshielded

Fire Alarm Cables for Your Complete Alarm System

The Fire alarms are only as effective as the cable connecting them to your security network. A fire alarm cable is designated by the NEC according to its permissible applications. The NEC rates the cable: FPLP, FPLR, or FPL based on the cable’s fire reducing characteristics. FPLR fire alarm cable is a power limited riser cable intended for installation in vertical, floor to floor applications, but not in air ducts.

FPLR fire alarm cable must pass rigorous testing in order to meet the FPLR designation. We offer a wide range of unshielded fire alarm cables to suit your requirement.

We carry the 1000' Riser (FPLR) Red Fire Alarm Cable, 18/2 AWG for power limited applications. This FPLR fire alarm cable has two solid 18 gauge copper conductors and a CL2R/FPLR rated jacket. That makes this 18/2 FPLR fire alarm cable safe for riser applications between floors. This cable also has a rip cord to facilitate jacket separation. Many of our FPLR fire alarm cables are also either UL listed or ETL verified.