Glass Break Sensors and Detectors

Glass Break Sensors and Security Devices

Help reduce emergency response time by reinforcing your surveillance network with motion sensors. Motion detectors can be wired to CCTV cameras to activate them when suspicious activity is identified. This helps save on data storage costs by hopefully only capturing relevant data. Motion sensors can also help trigger alarm systems to deter theft hopefully before any further losses or damages occur.

The Motion Sensor, Optex Passive Infrared has a dual purpose lens for long range detection. This motion sensor uses multi focus technology for a high level of accurate sensitivity over a wide coverage area. It is accurate even in areas of high temperature and locations of low temperature contrast. Double conductive shielding and temperature compensation prevents false alarms.

This motion sensor has a disturbance free tamper switch with false alarm protection and RFI protection. Building a formidable security network involves components beyond just cameras and DVRs. CCTV cameras will capture video of incidents after the fact, but having motion sensors helps minimize the response time in the event of a break in.

Glass break motion sensors can identify an intrusion as it happens, trigger an alarm, and possibly deter further property damage or theft. Incorporate glass break sensors into your security system to identify break-ins as early as possible. The Glass Break Sensor, Digital Acuity Detector has high level static and transient protection. The white noise rejection mechanism avoids false positives. It has a high radio frequency immunity with SMD construction, and a jumper for selectable sensitivity range.

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