Humidity Sensor Without Probe - C Form Relay Output - On Board Sensor


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Humidity Sensor Without Probe - C Form Relay Output - On Board Sensor

The Humidity Sensor With Onboard Sensor is a single sensor programmable humidity monitoring security device. Unlike it™s 1st cousin, the NPNB-T8800, used for temperature sensing, it has one sensor to detect and report relative humidity. The memory in the NPNB-H8800 is non-volatile.

The range of the humidty sensor is 5% humidity to 95% humidity (+ or - 5%). The Min ™ Max Temperature Range Without the Humidity Probe is -23™C to 80™C (-10™F to 176™F).


  • Low Cost
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Single Sensor
  • Min - Max Temperature Range No Probe -
    -10™F to 176™F
  • Operates with 7.5 VDC minimum to 15 VDC maximum
  • Made In U.S.A.


To open the Humidity Sensor, insert a flat blade screwdriver between the cover and the back plate and twist the screwdriver to open the Humidity Sensor. Mount the Humidity Sensor in the required location using the provided screws. Four holes have been pre-drilled on the back mounting plate for installation convenience. There also is a mounting pattern template provided with the printed instructions. Route wires to the device as necessary from behind the Humidity Sensor.

REMEMBER!!! It is important to avoid lights, motors, ballast transformers, fans and electro-magnetic devices when routing and pulling wires to this device.

Connection Description:

Connect DC power to terminals 1 (+) and 2 (-). Observe polarity.

WARNING: If you are using a power supply other than the RTD/12 (NPNB-8065), be certain that the power is regulated. There are two (2) jumpers in the Humidity Sensor. JP1 is used to direct programming to the high/low limit humidity thresholds. JP1 has multiple pins for the jumper during set up. With the center pin used as the center of a clock, place the jumper at 12 o™clock to adjust the High Limit. Place the jumper at 6 o™clock to adjust the Low Limit. Placing the jumper at the 9 o™clock position is for standard operating of the device. The 3 o™clock position is NOT used in the field. R18 Low Limit adjustment. R20 High Limit adjustment.


  • 1 x Humidity Sensor