Liquid Level Detector (For Remote Hard To Reach Locations) + Remote Probes + Fail Safe Capability


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Liquid Level Detector (For Remote Hard To Reach Locations) + Remote Probes + Fail Safe Capability

The Liquid Level Detector was designed in response to a direct request for a small electronic sensor capable of detecting non-volatile liquids in remote hard to reach locations. The sensor, in conjunction with your favorite wireless transmitter, can be used to detect and report the encroachment of non-volatile liquids into an isolated sensitive location.

This new Liquid Level Detector + Remote Probes + Fail Safe Capability provides remote probes plus a fail safe capability. When the on board battery expends the last of its power, 3 to 5 years under normal conditions, it automatically places itself in a safe mode to help prevent danger to devices, property and/or people. This safe mode keeps the zone assigned to it in an alarm condition. This causes an authorized person or an alarm technician to physically inspect the Liquid Level Detector and replace the battery, prior to resetting and re-arming the system

The Liquid Level Detector is an internally powered, microprocessor controlled device that samples the conductivity between any two adjacent sensor points located on the bottom of the device. Power consumption is less than 1 micro-amp while in the standby mode. This allows for an extended duty cycle. Relay contacts are latched in an open or closed position based on the conductivity measured between the sensors. External wire connections are provided to allow access to the ™C™ form relay contacts for output control of an external device.


  • Detects Non-Volatile Liquids
  • For Use With Wireless Transmitters
  • Probes With 36" Leads (NPNB-2826-P)
  • Battery With Connector (NPNB-8444)
  • Battery Life Approximately 4 Years
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Installs Easily
  • “C” Form Relay Contacts
  • Fail Safe Version
  • Made In U.S.A.

Technical Specs:

Nominal Switching Capacity (A@VDC)   2@30  
Max Switching Power (W)   60
Max Switching Voltage (VDC)   220  
Max Switching Current (A)   2  
Max Number Sensor Probes   10  
Max Wire Length for Detector to Probe (ft.)   100


  • 1 x Liquid Level Detector
  • 2 x Remote Probes With 36" Leads (NPNB-2826-P)
  • 1 x Battery With Connector (NPNB-8444)