Heat Shrink Tubing for Security Products

Heat Shrink Tubing for CCTV

Protect your low voltage electrical connections and cable terminations with heat shrink tubing from Security Savvy. This thermoplastic adhesive liner provides complete environmental protection and insulation. Heat shrink tubing protects cable from impact and abrasion.

Security Savvy provides the Heat Shrink Tubing, Adhesive Lined in 0.375” and 0.50” diameter sizes. Common applications for heat shrink tubing include wire bundles, wire splices, and harness breakouts. It is sold in four foot length sections with a shrink ration of three to one. It is manufactured of adhesive lined black polyolefin material which shrinks at 250°F and expands at 160°F.

You might want to consider cable hanging solutions from Security Savvy like our Security J-Hooks. We have also added magnetic J-hooks to our product offerings, utilizing the power of rare earth magnets to support up to 17 pounds of wire and cable. Our magnetic J-hooks are easy to install, re-usable, and can rotate up to 360 degrees. They’re also an inexpensive alternative to installing runway systems and cable trays.

Security Savvy has everything you need to manage your wire and cable, all at superior quality and competitive prices. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please give us a call and our experienced team will help find what you need to complete your networking project under budget and on time.

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