Security Alarm Keypads and Enclosures

The effectiveness of your security system is only as effective as its controls. Maintaining functionality depends upon security access control input devices. Security Savvy supplies alarm keypads and alarm keypad enclosures for just such a purpose. Alarm keypads serve as a user input device for access control systems, and keypad covers prevent environmental elements for damaging it.

> The Security Alarm Keypad, Picture Icon PowerSeries includes a sleek, modernized alarm keypad with enlarged buttons. It has five programmable function keys and three one touch emergency keys. This alarm keypad has a dual wall-mount and front cover tamper. It has an easy to install mounting hinge and multiple door chimes per zone.

A popular alarm keypad enclosure we recommend is the Keypad Enclosure, Non-metallic Weatherproof Exterior from Arlington Industries. It provides easy, secure installation with a low profile appearance. It attaches to a variety of exterior surfaces via four mounting holes. The new one piece DBLV series enclosures install a power or low voltage keypad in the wall so less shows outside. Only the cover extends beyond the wall.

Need Security Alarm Contact Switches for securing doors or windows? Security Savvy has got you covered! We supply a vast selection of reed switches and magnetic contact switches in several circuit configurations and gap sizes. They are designed for easy concealment on doors and within window frames.

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