Keypads & Covers

Alarm Keypad, and Keypad Enclosures

The effectiveness of your security system is only as effective as its controls. Maintaining the functionality of your security system depends upon protecting the alarm keypad with a security keypad cover or enclosure. The alarm keypad cover protects the unit from both dust and moisture while protecting it from weather. Security Savvy provides both alarm keypads and security keypad enclosures.

The Security Alarm Keypad, Full Message PowerSeries 64 Zone LCD Keypad is backlit for easy viewing and activation under low light conditions. It is equipped with multiple key features including different door chimes for each zone, dual individual FAP keys, and support for eight different languages. It is easy to install and configure with pre-existing PowerSeries alarm keypads.

Security Savvy carries the Keypad Enclosure with Non-Metallic Weatherproof Exterior. This alarm keypad cover helps maintain a low profile for the input device for your security system. It can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, and the alarm keypad is completely covered.

This alarm keypad cover fits most keypads and digital controllers, and has styles to match exterior textures in a discreet manner.

Need Security Alarm Contact Switches for securing doors or windows? Security Savvy has got you covered! We supply a vast selection of reed switches and magnetic contact switches in several circuit configurations and gap sizes. They are designed for easy concealment on doors and within window frames.

Order from Security Savvy, and upgrade your home or business security system today!

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