Keystone Connectors

F-81 Keystone Connectors for A/V Networking

The F-81 keystone connector is commonly used for setting up audio and video peripheral devices in home theaters. These snap-in F-81 keystone connectors supports a wide range of solutions including: voice, video, home office, and home networking. It easily snaps into keystone wall plates and patch panels for great network flexibility.

Security Savvy offers F-81 keystone connectors in both standard and high definition versions. They come in both nickel and gold plated finishes, as well as in several common wall plate colors. The F-81 Keystone Connector, HD, Gold Plated, White, Ivory & Black is ideal for 3GHz. CATV applications. It is compatible with a wide range of standard wall plates, patch panels, and surface mount boxes. This high definition F-81 keystone connector is available in white, ivory, and black finishes to blend into the wallplate.

Also integral to any CCTV security system is RG59 Coaxial Cable and Coax Connectors to wire your residential or commercial surveillance system. 18 gauge Siamese RG59 coaxial cable is popular for wiring surveillance cameras as a single run of cable provides both data and power. We have coaxial connectors from Belden to provide reliable, long lasting connections with high data retention qualities.

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