Keystone Wall Plates

Keystone Wall Plates for Security Networking

Keystone wall plates secure the junction point between the wiring of your peripheral devices and your security system. They protect the location where networking cables enter the home through the wall. It prevents insects and outside pests from entering the home or office, and also keeps dust from interfering with networking connections.

Security Savvy provides three port, four port, and six port keystone wall plates in a clean white color to maintain an orderly, professional appearance. We also offer blank keystone wall plates to conceal unused wall plate locations. It not only hides the wall plate from view, but also secures the outlet box as well.

If you’re looking to cover up unused drywall outlet openings, Security Savvy offers Blank Wall Plates, 2.3/4(W) x 4.1/2(H). These blank keystone wall plates mount flush against the wall, providing a clean professional look. They have rounded edges to prevent snagging and are available in both white and ivory colors. Composed of commercial grade UL 94V-0 ABS, these blank keystone wall plates also come with mounting screws.

Order from Security Savvy, and upgrade your home or business security system today!

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