Monitor Mounts

CCTV Monitor Mounts, Dual Monitor Mounts

View output from your CCTV surveillance system utilizing monitor mounts from Security Savvy. Ensure that CCTV monitoring is comfortable and ergonomic for extended periods of surveillance. We have wall and ceiling television monitor mounts as well as desktop solutions.

> A popular dual monitor mount Security Savvy offers is the Dual TV & Monitor Desk Mount 13" to 23" Tilt & Swivel. Each counterbalanced arm can support a screen weighing up to 44 pounds. A spring tension gauge can be easily adjusted to fit varied weights that the arm holds. Advanced VESA plate includes -15 to +15 degrees of fingertip tilt that enable both sit to stand and touch screen applications.

Cable management is incorporated into the design of this dual monitor mount, concealing cables beneath channel covers in the arms. For CCTV monitors installed in a ceiling monitor mount configuration, we provide the LED, LCD & Plasma Flat TV Ceiling Mount 23" to 42”. It has a weight capacity of 66 pounds.

This monitor mount can swivel plus/minus 90 degrees, and tilt plus or minus 20 degrees (up or down). Mounting plate extends 500mm to 850mm from the ceiling.

Security Savvy supplies everything you need to configure your CCTV surveillance system. We provide all manner of CCTV equipment from monitor mounts, control cable, surveillance cameras, and storage devices. All our products are manufactured of quality products and sold at competitive prices. Thank you for visiting our website.