Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors, Passive Infrared Sensors

Motion detectors like passive infrared sensors are utilized in security systems as a first line of defense against burglaries. These electronic sensors detect invaders as soon as possible to alert first responders or security personnel to a break in. The passive infrared sensor (PIR) functions as a motion detector by measuring infrared light radiating from objects within its field of vision.

These motion detectors identify intruders by reading the disparity in heat signature between the temperature of a room and the body heat of a person crossing through it. A popular motion detector we offer is the Motion Detector, Addressable Passive Infrared Sensor. Its multi-beam lens design is an ideal addition or start-up to a well equipped security system.

This motion detector uses multi-beam lens technology to detect infrared energy emitted by humans over a broad range of temperatures. It is equipped to circumvent false positive readings from: radio interference, air vents, insects, or animals.

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