NVR Recorders

NVRs - Network Video Recorders

The Network Video Recorder, or (NVR) stores digital video signals retrieved from your network of CCTV security cameras utilizing a software program. It records video images in digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, or mass storage device. A network video recorder in itself contains no dedicated video capture hardware.

Network video recorder software is generally run on a dedicated device with an embedded operating system. They are usually deployed in an IP video surveillance system. Contrary to digital video, or DVR recorders, network video recorders derive their information from a network rather than through a direct connection to a video device. A network video recorder can be stored anywhere, unlike a DVR which must be hard wired into the CCTV network.
DVRs vs NVRs


  • Can use without Internet connection
  • No separate power source required for cameras, single cable run supplies data and power
  • Compatible with older analog security cameras
  • Not subject to vulnerability of network
  • Not as many advanced features as NVRs
  • Usually don't have cloud storage options


  • Wireless networking options
  • Minimal cabling involved
  • No hard wired network connection required
  • State of the art software features
  • Can monitor cameras in offices across the country without having to pay for separate networks
  • Dependent on network
  • Signal interference may cause loss in video quality
  • Increases burden on network bandwidth


A popular option Security Savvy provides is the NVR, Network Video Recorder, 8 Channel, High Profile H.265, 2TB HD. This NVR has a recording bandwidth of up to 100Mbps with eight input channels and one output channel. It processes 8MP of data at 4K resolution and has 2TB worth of hard drive storage. This NVR recorder has 8 Power over Ethernet ports and is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Looking for a compact solution? Security Savvy has just the thing with the mini NVR recorder. The PoE NVR, Network Video Recorder, 4 Channel records and decodes on four channels in 1080p high definition resolution, all in real time. Utilizing four Power over Ethernet ports and a 1-4 Terabyte hard drive, this NVR recorder allows live viewing and playback from a web browser. It is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. It has dual display output with both HDMI and VGA.

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