Nylon Security Cable Ties

Security Networking Cable Ties

Cable ties keep wire and cable organized and out of the way while keeping the networking area clutter free. Utilizing cable ties improves the efficiency of cable installation and maintenance by making cables easier to identify while keeping them untangled. They can also prevent snags and avoid damaging cables. Security Savvy offers nylon cable ties capable of supporting anywhere from 18 to 50 pounds. We carry several different types of cable ties to suit your application requirements.

Nylon Cable Ties Available:

Standard Mil-Spec Cable Tie:
This clear cable tie is available in 7”, 11”, 14” lengths. They have a weight capacity of 50 pounds, with high tensile strength derived from a one piece design. The angled tail provides quicker insertion alignment. The rounded edges provide additional safety while eliminating insulation damage. This is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Plenum Air Handling Cable Tie:
The plenum rated cable tie is suitable for plenum air spaces as well as above drop ceilings and below raised floors. It meets UL specifications for low smoke generation and low heat release. These nylon cable ties also pass the mechanical strength test. The low profile head height eliminates cuts and snags, protecting both the cable and the installer. These cable ties are available in 7”, 11”, and 14” lengths.

UV Mil-Spec Cable Tie:
This black UV cable tie is very similar to our standard mil-spec cable ties, except this version features an ultraviolet protected coating. It is suited for outdoor usage and long term sun exposure. It has rounded edges to avoid insulation damage, and tail finger grips make this easy to handle. These UV nylon cable ties are available in 7”, 11”, and 14” lengths.

Security Savvy offers the Cable Tie Gun, 18/40/50lb Automatic Cut Off Type to help ease the process of installing nylon cable ties. This device quickly applies tension to the cable tie and cuts off excess strap. This prevents sharp protrusions of excess cable tie, which avoids snags and abrasions to cables. This tool also reduces installation time, as it quickly installs cable ties in the pull of a trigger.

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