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Every security system requires a reliable power source. Make sure you have the necessary power supply accessories like power supply cords, adapters, and a power supply box to organize your surveillance system. Security Savvy carries both male and female DC power supply cords to power CCTV cameras.

Perhaps you require an AC/DC power transformer like the Plug-In Power Transformer, 8 Devices, 12VDC, 4 Amp. This single power transformer will accommodate up to eight 12VDC devices utilizing just one power socket. It provides 4 amp regulated power output to CCTV cameras and has a green LED indicator light.

Having a power supply box allows you to manage power to a whole network of CCTV cameras from one secure location. The Power Supply Box, 12VDC + 24 VAC, Dual Voltage offers both 12 volt direct current and 24 volt alternating current. It is easy to install, keeping all camera power supply wiring tidy and organized. The camera power supply cords screw into the box, and the power supply box plugs into a standard power outlet.

An alternative for powering a CCTV network is running Siamese RG59 Coaxial Cable to wire your cameras. A single run of RG59 cable supplies both power and data to a network of cameras. Security Savvy offers both indoor and outdoor versions in both 500 and 1,000 foot increments.

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