Recessed Magnetic Reed Switches

Recessed Magnetic Reed Contact Switches

Recessed magnetic reed switches are a form of security switch commonly installed on a door frame utilizing rare earth magnets. Security Savvy provides a varied selection of recessed magnetic reed switches, and miniature reed switches paired with rare earth magnets. Recessed reed switches are commonly used for residential purposes and are concealed within doorways or window frames.

The recessed magnetic reed switch is also easy to install, usually as simple as drilling a hole. These type of security switches and the corresponding magnet are made in cylindrical cases, making them easy to conceal during installation.

Security Savvy offers the Reed Switch Set, Miniature Recessed (Flanged) with 1/2” Standard Gap, 12" Leads - Closed Loop for installing security switches in windows and doors. It measures ¼” in diameter and 1.125” in length and can be installed where standard switches are too large. This recessed reed switch set is flanged to prevent inadvertent pulling of the switch into the wall.

Another type of magnetic reed switch Security Savvy offers is the Window Channel Reed Switch - Up To 1/2" Gap - w/Terminals - Recessed w/ Cable Leads - Closed Loop. This recessed reed switch comes with a ¼” x ¼” x 1/8” rare earth magnet specially designed for mounting within the aluminum track of a window. The magnet fits most window tracks and can be compressed to fit channels from 5/16” to 1”. Grippers hold the magnet securely in place, and the reed switch installs easily without drilling. The magnetic reed switch itself has contact terminals included in its design. The plated contacts also resist shocking and freezing.

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