RG59 Coaxial Cable

RG59 Coaxial Cables for Security Networking

Popular for closed circuit television applications, RG59 cable is manufactured with a 75 Ohm impedance for low power video and radio frequency transmission. RG59 siamese cable is a cost saver as a single run of cable can supply both data and power to surveillance cameras. Most of our RG59 cable has solid copper conductors allowing higher signal integrity.

If you’re installing security cameras outdoors where wiring is subject to the environment, we recommend the RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial. This RG59 cable has a 20 AWG solid copper data line and 18 AWG stranded copper power lines. Its CMX rated outdoor jacket is made of flame rated PVC with PE insulation. This direct burial RG59 cable is supplied on wooden spools of either 1,000 feet or 500 feet in length. It also has 95% copper braid shielding to protect against electrical interference.

RG59 cable is also available in Siamese versions, where a single run of cable can provide both data and power to a security camera. Security Savvy supplies 500 and 1,000 foot spools of RG59 cable that are available in both black or white colors.

The RG59 Coaxial Cable, Siamese Indoor, 20 AWG BC, 95% CCA Braid has 20 AWG solid bare copper conductor for optimal signal transmission. It also has 18 AWG power cables so you can power your cameras with a single run of RG59 cable. It has 95% copper clad aluminum braid shielding over the primary conductor.

Security Savvy supplies this RG59 siamese cable in pull boxes of both 500’ and 1,000’ lengths. It is available in either white or black jacketing. This RG59 cable would be the ideal choice for wiring CCTV or CATV inside office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores.

The nature of your CCTV surveillance system and scope will determine the type of connector required for your RG59 coaxial cable. Short runs of RG59 coaxial cable tend to use BNC connectors like our BNC Connector, Pro Snap N Seal™ RG59 Universal BNC Connector, Red Ring. Featuring a patented 360 degree floating pin basket in its design, this BNC connector allows cable insertion with ease and accuracy. The plastic compression sleeve allows for the industry’s lowest handle compression force.

Security Savvy has all the right tools to get the CCTV installation job done. The Coaxial Cable Stripper, All-In-One Stripping Tool is lightweight and versatile. It strips a wide range of RG59 coaxial cable, Ethernet, A/V, and telephone cables. It even cuts and strips single and multimode fiber optic cable. Reduce your installation costs and time, and shop at Security Savvy today!

Whatever the scope of your networking project, Security Savvy has got you covered! We provide a wide range of bulk cable, connectivity products, tools, and wall plates. All of our networking products are manufactured of the highest quality materials and made to meet the highest of industry standards.

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