RG6 Coaxial Cable

RG6 Coax Cable for Security CCTV

RG6 cable is better equipped for carrying video data signals over greater distances and at higher speeds than RG59. Manufactured with dual or quad shielding, we supply RG6 cable with both general purpose PVC and plenum rated CMP jacketing. With its higher level of shielding, RG6 cable is more suitable for CATV and higher resolution television applications.

The RG6 Coaxial Cable, 18 AWG Solid BC, 95% BC Braid is the ideal solution for closed circuit television applications. It has 95% copper braid shielding protecting its 18 AWG solid copper conductors from electrical interference. This RG6 cable has a sunlight resistant jacket and is RoHS approved.

For CATV applications involving running coax through airflow spaces and plenums, Security Savvy recommends the RG6 Siamese Plenum Coaxial Cable. Siamese RG6 cable is often preferred over single conductor cable due to cost savings of running both data and power from one cable. Its jacket is CMP rated and adheres to strict industry requirements for indoor networking.

This RG6 cable has 95% copper braid shielding over its 18 gauge solid copper conductor which carries data. The two power conductors both measure 18 gauge and can power a security camera in a single run of cable. This RG6 coax cable is also sweep tested up to 3GHz and was manufactured in America.

Need Coaxial Connectors? Security Savvy has got you covered! We have BNC, F, and RCA connectors compatible with our lines of coaxial cable. Our CCTV products are all manufactured of quality materials, are durable, and built to last. Thank you for considering Security Savvy as your one stop shop for networking products.

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