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Often the first line of defense in a security system, the magnetic door switch is a mechanism recessed in door and window frames. It’s made to trigger alarm and surveillance systems when unauthorized intrusion is detected. Our magnetic contact switches utilize the power of rare earth magnets to create an open or closed loop circuit.

The recessed magnetic switch is most common in residential purposes as it’s concealed and mounted within the materials of the structure. The recessed magnetic door switch is made with the same magnetic reed switch used for surface-mount alarm contacts. Instead of a rectangular housing, recessed alarm contacts have a cylindrical case. This makes them easy to install by simply drilling a hole. The magnets are also made using the same type of round housing.

How a Magnetic Reed Switch Works

The magnetic reed switch is typically installed on the door frame and the magnet that activates the switch is typically installed on the door. Inside the magnetic reed switch, a thin piece of steel – a steel ‘reed’, if you will – is held in position by the attraction of the magnet when the door is closed. When the door is opened, the magnet is taken away from the switch and the spring tension of the “reed” causes it to spring back against the other contact, changing the state of the switch.

Closed Loop, Open Loop Vs. SPDT

Most magnetic reed switches are closed loop, or the switch is closed in its default state. When a magnetic reed switch is designed so that the magnet is close to the switch in its default state, it is considered an open loop style. Another variation is the SPDT, or Single Pole Double Throw magnetic reed switch.

It has both open and closed loops incorporated into its design. Finally, the DPDT, or Double Pole Double Throw has two SPDT reeds in the same contact switch housing, with each having its own common open and closed side.

A popular magnetic switch set Security Savvy offers is the Reed Switch Set, Closed Loop, Steel Door Recessed 3/4" Magnetic Switch w/ Screw Terminals - 10 Pack. This closed loop magnetic reed switch set is 3/4” recessed with screw terminals. It comes hermetically sealed with plated contacts to resist sticking or freezing. It is available in 1/2” standard gap and 3/4"+ wide gap versions. Its short length and composition of PC board type terminals makes installation quick without soldering.

For residential and commercial security applications requiring a discreet surface mount alarm contact, the Reed Switch Set, Closed Loop, Flanged Miniature Surface Mount Magnetic Switch w/ Cable Leads - 10 Pack is just the solution. This miniature magnetic switch set incorporates into most décor without being noticeable.

It is available in standard gap up to 1”, and wide gap up to 1 1/4” with 22AWG cable leads. It is a closed loop circuit configuration with plated contacts to resist sticking or freezing. It has 3M adhesive tape for proper mounting on aluminum, wood, or vinyl.

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