Security Alarm Speakers and Sirens

Security Alarm Sirens, Speakers and Enclosures

Peace of mind is invaluable. Having the right components for your security system will help you rest assured that you and your property is secure. Security alarm speakers and sirens help secure a property by alerting the property owner to intruders. Alarm sirens also make it uncomfortable for intruders in the event of a break in. Security Savvy provides alarm sirens, speakers and siren enclosures to augment your security system.

Security alarm speakers require an external driver to produce an alarm sound. An alarm speaker with a driver can double as both an alarm and as an announcement system. Alarm sirens, on the other hand, have a driver built in, or are essentially high pitch tone generators.

Security Savvy provides the Security Alarm Siren, 20 Watt, Surface Mount for indoor security applications. This 20 Watt alarm siren has a selectable dual tone alarm. This alarm siren is powered by a 350mA current and measures 4.29” x 4.29” x 2.2.”

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