Security Boxes

Security Power Supply Enclosures

Security power supply enclosures are durable boxes for protecting electrical components from weather and tampering. It is designed to supply power to a network of CCTV cameras in an unobtrusive manner. Most of these units are metallic but some have a weatherproof plastic container.

The power supply enclosure provides a centralized location for sending power to all the security cameras and alarm systems on your network. It keeps power cords tidy and organized in a secure location, protecting connections from the environment. The Power Supply Box, 12VDC + 24 VAC, Dual Voltage expedites surveillance camera installation, saving time and money on labor.

This 12V power supply enclosure offers both 12 VDC and 24 VAC and installs easily. Each camera's power cable simply screws into the power supply box. The 12V power supply plugs into a standard power outlet for overall power. Its components are UL approved, and it measures 15.5” by 12” by 4.5.”

Outdoor power supply enclosures need to protect electrical connections from environmental conditions. Security Savvy also offers the Security Equipment Enclosure, Weather Resistant, which measures 8”x7.” This power supply enclosure is strictly a box for containing electrical connections, it does not contain a power supply unit.

It has ½” conduit knock outs on four sides. This power supply enclosure is cam-lock ready, has a hinged door, and is coated with weather resistant paint.

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