Security Cable Management

Security Wire Management

An effective cable management system keeps your CCTV security cable organized, which helps make system maintenance easier. Security Savvy carries a wide assortment of wire management solutions from cable runway ladder racks and wire cable trays, to hanging hardware solutions. Our wire management solutions help organize and protect your security cabling by keeping it off the floor.

> Cable ladder racks route cables along cable runways along ceilings, walls, and floors. They provide superior strength and support with less weight. This wire management solution is highly adaptable, adjusting to any room layout.

Wire Cable Trays provide a supported bridge pathway for cable to travel across open areas. They are more dynamic than conduit systems, and are highly stable for installation in risers and plenums. Other hanging wire management options include j-hooks which can be ceiling or wall mounted. Our commercial grade j hooks have carrying capacities anywhere from 17 to up to 50 pounds.

A popular cable management item is the multi-purpose J-Hook, Standard Steel - 3/4" - 4". These steel J-Hooks are available in sizes ranging from size 12 to up to size 64. The ¾” J-hook supports up to a dozen pound weight capacity, while the 4” J-hook handles up to 50 pounds. It is an ideal solution for stress free cable support for above suspended ceilings, and below raised floors. It’s also great for the home garage and workshop. We have standard steel J-Hooks available in ¾”, 1 5/16”, 2”, and 4” sizes.

Other hanging cable management solutions we offer include: drive rings, angle clips, beam flange clips, pressed beam clamps, and rod couplers. These cable management options are great for low voltage communications cable. Heat shrink tubing can also be molded to just about any cable, protecting it from the environment.