Security Cable Sleeves

CCTV Cable Socks

Cable socks secure electrical wire and cable of many types. It provides an additional layer of armor against physical damage, abrasion, and resists burning. Although more commonly used for industrial applications, these are also utilized for security and CCTV cabling.

The Expandable Braided Sleeve Cable Sock is manufactured of durable, flexible polyester. It is flame retardant and halogen free. Open weave construction facilitates easy installation on bundles of cables and cables that are bulky or have connectors. Once expanded, this cable sock can reach up to 1.5 times the initial dimension. This item is available in ½”, 1” and 2” sizes.

Another common option is the Self Closing Expandable Braided Sleeve Cable Sock. This cable sock is 50 feet in length, is fire retardant, and halogen free. Self closing feature keeps cables securely held within the cable sock. Open weave structure allows it to be applied after associated cables have been installed. Available in ½” ¾”, and 1” diameter sizes.

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