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Varifocal Security Camera Lenses

To maximize the effectiveness of your surveillance cameras, make sure you have security camera lenses appropriate for the application. Security Savvy offers varifocal lenses to keep your surveillance cameras optimized for crystal clear images. Our varifocal lenses allows you to adjust the focal length of your security camera, allowing the camera to zoom in on its target. Fixed lenses, on the other hand, don't allow the camera operator such versatility.

> Security Savvy supplies varifocal replacement camera lenses to add zoom functionality to your surveillance solution. The Varifocal Lens, 1/3" DC Auto-Iris, 5-50mm may be a bit more expensive than a standard fixed focal length lens, but it offers greater flexibility for your security camera. Having a varifocal lens is especially important for surveillance cameras that are being controlled in real time by the viewer. If a suspicious activity is detected, a varifocal lens allows the camera to zoom in to identify persons or read license plates. This varifocal lens is capable of zooming from 5mm to up to 50mm.

Security Savvy provides Box Cameras for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Many of these cameras require a separate varifocal lens to complete the installation. Some of our box cameras also feature wide dynamic range technology enabling superior backlight compensation. We also have surveillance cameras equipped for low light conditions.

We also provide CCTV Monitors for an output device for your surveillance network. We have high resolution LCD monitors ranging in size from 17” to up to 22”. Some of our CCTV monitors are portable for testing the angle and zoom parameters of surveillance cameras in the field.

Security Savvy is your end to end provider for everything security and networking. We provide a wide selection of security cameras, Ethernet, coax cable, DVR/NVR video recorders, and tools.

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