Security J Hooks

Security Cable J-Hooks

Cable management J-hooks are the ideal cost effective solution for managing wire and cable in your CCTV installation. Security Savvy offers cable J-hooks to provide a suspended pathway for routing cables safely. They are compatible with bulk Ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, and inner duct systems. Cable J-hooks supply strain relief while keeping CCTV cables organized and out of harms way.

  • Telecom/ Voice
  • Network / Data
  • Broadband, Satellite, and Cable
  • CCTV, CATV, Security, and Audio/Video
  • Fiber Optics
  • Mounting Conduit

Security Savvy also offers the new magnetic cable J-hook, the Magnetic J-Hooks, Side Mount. This comes fully assembled with a carrying capacity of 17 pounds. It mounts to the side of a metal object and has ability to rotate 360 degrees. It works with a wide range of networking cables and is re-usable. The magnetic cable J-hook saves time and money, and installs easily.

Another version Security Savvy offers is the Magnetic Rotating J-Hooks, Top Magnet. It has the mounting magnet attached to the top of the hanging hardware. It can then rotate 360 degrees to suit the application intended. This cable J-hook comes in ¾”, 1 5/16”, and 2” sizes and can carry up to 17 pounds. It works with CAT5/5E/6/6A Ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, and innerduct.

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