Security Power Transformers

CCTV Power Transformers

A power transformer uses electromagnetic induction to increase or decrease the alternating voltage for electrical applications like powering CCTV cameras. For security applications, a power transformer maintains a set constant low voltage safe for consumer electronics.

Security Savvy also provides power transformers like the Plug-In Power Transformer. This unit allows you to power eight individual devices while utilizing only a single power outlet. In the CCTV surveillance world, you could power eight dome cameras with one socket on a power strip. Its regulated power output supplies 12 Volts at four Amps. We also have a three Amp power transformer for powering four devices.

We also have a regulated power transformer, the Regulated 12V - 5V DC-DC Converter. It will maintain a steady +5 volt direct current output at 350 mA from a 12 volt power supply. This unit is American made, so you can rest assured of quality product you can depend on.

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