Contact Switches, Glass Break Sensors, and Motion Detectors

Secure your perimeter with glass break sensors and magnetic contact switches. These handy devices often serve as first point of contact with potential intruders. Magnetic contact switches protect doorways and windows, serving as a trigger for alarm systems when unauthorized intrusion is detected. Motion detection devices can also be used to activate surveillance cameras only when movement is discovered.

We offer an expansive selection of magnetic contact switches, glass break sensors, and pre wire plugs to serve as that first line of defense. A popular pre wire plug we offer is the Pre-Wire Plugs, Reusable, Self Locking, ¾”. Cost effective and re-usable, these are ideal for pre-wiring recessed contacts. Available in white, these devices are easy to install and are self locking. These magnetic contact switches are available in ¾” diameter and ½” diameter sizes in 1” and 1 ½” lengths.

A popular magnetic contact switch set Security Savvy offers is the Reed Switch Set, Closed Loop, 3/4" Short STUBBY. These magnetic contact switches are sold in 10 packs with cable leads and rare earth magnets. These operate with up to a 5/8” gap on steel, and are sold in closed loop configuration. We sell these magnetic contact switches with 22 gauge leads in 12”, 36”, and 72” lengths.

Protect your windows with glass break sensors like the Digital Acuity Glass Break Sensor. It has high radio frequency immunity with an SMD construction. It rejects white noise and has a high level static and transient protection. This glass break sensor has a jumper for selectable sensitivity range. It is microprocessor based and has an installer test mode.

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