Slack Storage Devices

CCTV Slack Storage Devices

Slack storage devices are brackets used to safely wind up unused length of cable and keep it out of the way. This cable management solution from Security Savvy can be adjusted to the appropriate length of cable being stored. This slack storage device also maintains the proper bend radius.

Security Savvy offers slack storage devices like the Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe with Aerial Mounting Bracket & Hardware, 16". It allows you to store fiber optic cable in the air. When utilized to organize live networking cable, the Sno-Shoe maintains the minimum bend radius, protecting the cable. The half circle design of this slack storage device can be adjusted to the desired coil length.

It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. The adjustable slack storage device is available in both 16” and 24” diameter units. The non-adjustable version comes in 7” and 21” diameter sizes.

Another popular slack storage device is the Slack Storage Bracket Sno-Shoe, Round, 7", Plastic. It is supplied in both aerial application and vault installation kits. Its compact design allows storage in compact areas. Made of plastic, this slack storage device is non-conductive. It is designed to prevent micro-bends in fiber optic cable, providing consistency in fiber loops.

Security Savvy also carries cable raceway duct ceiling entry fittings, duct end caps, duct flat elbow fittings, duct inside/outside corner fittings, and duct joint cover fittings. Another cable management option to consider is our fine selection of Cable Ladder Racks. They make a sturdy, durable method of routing network cables, which keeps your system organized. Our cable ladder racks prevent clutter while keeping cables off the ground. Security Savvy offers cable racks in both standard and telco varieties.

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