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Cable Security Tools

Got tools? Installing and maintaining CCTV surveillance systems generally requires working with coaxial cable. Make sure you come prepared with all the necessary security tools like cable cutting, stripping, crimping, and testing tools. Everything we provide is durable and designed to withstand long term, repeated usage, all while delivering consistent results.

A popular choice for security CCTV installers is the 22-in-1 Security Screwdriver Kit. This set of security tools includes a comprehensive selection of security screwdriver bits including Phillips, Torx®, and Robertson bits. Featuring a non-slip comfort grip handle with a high impact plastic core, this security screwdriver enables access into recessed screws up to 5 inches deep.

This set of security tools is not only compatible with hex and torx screws, but also works with standard Phillips and slotted screws.

Security Savvy supplies crimping tools made for CCTV and CATV installers working with coax cable. The Coax Compression Crimping Tool, RG11/7/6/59 Standard F Type has a patented rotating head allowing quick changes between RG11/7 and RG59/6 with no adjustments required. It is highly efficient and easy to use with its molded cushioned handle. The black oxide finish prevents oxidation, and the high carbon tool steel frame is durable for years of use.

Security Savvy also provides security tools sold as kits like the Coaxial Cable Termination Tool Kit. This kit of security tools includes coaxial cable cutters, strippers, and a crimping tool for working with RG59 and RG6 cable. The professionals’ choice when working on CCTV and CATV, this kit of security tools features the SealSmart crimping tool and a selection of connectors.

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