Video Baluns

CCTV Video Balun

Video baluns are used in CCTV networking in lieu of running expensive coax or Ethernet cable to transmit data. Some video baluns are small enough to fit inside a dome camera housing. These devices are important for managing disparities in impedance between systems, to maintain strong clear signals.

The 1 CH HD Video, Power, and Data Balun, Pair from Security Savvy is one of the most advanced video baluns on the market. It transmits HD video, audio, power and data up to 1,000 feet over UTP Ethernet cable rather than coax. Its unique design enables it to transmit sharp images thanks to its noise reduction technology. Realize cost savings on your CCTV network by buying a video balun from Security Savvy today!

We also provide a video balun with power adapter for transmitting both data and power. The CCTV UTP Video Balun and Power Adapter is compatible with all analog CCTV based systems. It transmits one channel passive video and power over CAT5/5E or CAT6 cable. The power adapter sends 12VDC or 24VAC along with the video signal. This video balun has 50dB crosstalk and noise immunity. Video signals are sent up to 1,300 feet, while power is transmitted up to 750 feet.

Security Savvy also supplies the 4 Channel Passive Video Transceiver for sending CCTV video over Ethernet cable. Its built in balun makes it possible to transmit VGA, RGB, YPbPr, YCbCr, S-Video, Composite video, and audio via CAT5/5E/6 cable. Impedance variations between 75 Ohm CCTV video and 100 Ohm Ethernet transmission causes delay and signal impurities. By utilizing the built in video balun, impedance mismatch is avoided.

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