Wire Stripping Tools

Coax Cable Strippers

Security Savvy carries coax cable strippers designed to work with RG6, RG11, and RG59 coaxial cable commonly used for CCTV and CATV networks. Our coax cable strippers are made from solid, quality materials making them built for long lasting durability. They strip insulation from coax cables delivering consistent, dependable results.

The Coaxial Cable Stripper, Double Ended for RG6, RG59, RG7, and RG11 Cable strips a broad range of coaxial cables. This coax cable stripper performs the task in a single step without adjustments. It delivers consistent, accurate results with a ¼” braid, 2 level strip which is standard for compression connectors. This coax cable stripper is also lightweight and compact, making it convenient for the toolbelt.

Another popular item is the Cable Stripper, All-In-One Stripping Tool for Data, Coax, Telephone Cable for stripping RG58, RG59, RG62, and RG6 coaxial cable. Stripping the coaxial jacket and inner conductor in one operation is done by rotating the coax cable stripper clock-wise 3-6 times. It is an easy and effective tool for stripping different cable materials using the built-in hex key.

Need a coax cable cutter? Security Savvy has just the tool for you. The Coax and Data Cable Cutter, BTP 6" is manufactured from hardened, corrosion resistant chrome vanadium steel for exceptional durability. The unique dual elliptical cutting blades are precision ground to provide low effort cutting of coaxial cables without deforming the cable dielectric.

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