Wireless Directional Antenna, 5.8 GHZ

5.8 GHz Wireless CCTV Transmitter Set


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5.8 GHz. Wireless CCTV Transmitter Set

Turn any CCTV camera into a wireless camera ™ For camera installations where it's impossible or difficult to run wires. Saves time and money on expanding a CCTV network as you can avoid installing coaxial cable.


  • Great for adding wireless CCTV capability to an existing CCTV system, or for creating a wireless system using wired CCTV products
  • Makes installation easier and saves time by eliminating the need to lay/install lengthy video cables
  • Wirelessly transmit traditional wired analog cameras, DVRs, or any video signals up to 300 feet
  • 8 channel frequency selectable ™ in case one channel has interference simply try one of the other channels
  • Built in alarm trigger input for remote sensor/detector
  • BNC connectors on both the transmitter and receiver for easy installation
  • 12 VDC power supply included
  • Set includes one transmitter and one receiver


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(1) - 5.8 GHZ Wireless CCTV Transmitter Set