Cable Runway Coupler / Connector CableWay™


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UL Listed Made in USA CSA


Cable Runway Coupler / Connector

Our Coupler / Connector Cable Runway section is easy-to-install, offering time-saving benefits that decreases installation time and saves you money. This Coupler / Connector is used to attach Arlington's CableWay™ runway raceway sections together. This Coupler / Connector meets UL E161207 and CSA standards.

Product Quality

This product is manufactured by Arlington Industries who is a leading manufacturer of quality electrical products, communication products, home theater products, and more since 1949. This product is UL listed as a cable support system, designed for power or low voltage cable. Quickly join sections together with a slide through design that couples each section together.



  • Secure, UL Listed as a cable support system
  • For power or low voltage cable
  • Support brackets attach directly to framing members, without structural damage
  • Time saving system - no holes to drill through joists
  • Brackets hold cables in place - open the bracket for easier cable insertion
  • Slide-on trough protects and covers cable
  • Install additional trough sections as needed and join them together with couplings
  • Push-on end caps complete the job



Item Number
Description Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C Dimension D
T205 Wire Cable Tray in 5 ft. Lengths 4.150 2.000 3.380 60.000
T23A Angle 4.160 2.000 3.380 9.280
T23C Coupling 4.630 2.380 3.570 2.000
T23E End Cap 4.570 2.190 3.570 0.760
T23F Flat Surface Bracket 5.750 2.850 3.600 2.190
T23H Support Bracket 5.500 3.880 3.620 1.500
T23T Tee 4.160 2.00 3.380 9.280
T23W Wall Mount Bracket 2.410 5.240 5.970 5.240

Cable Management Diagram

Wire Fill Chart

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Cable Way™ Cable Support System