CinchStrap-EG, Hook and Loop Fastener, 2 Pack, 1" Width


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CinchStrap-EG, Hook and Loop Fastener, 2 Pack, Various Lengths

Our CinchStrap-EG is designed to relieve stress from horizontal cable runs, by offering an efficient and cost-effective way to organize cables from wiring racks, mobile carts, along walls, over doorways and in wiring closets.

Product Quality

This product is constructed from premium durable hook and loop material (Often referenced as "VELCRO®") that has a stronghold, the brass spur grommet is made from premium solid brass.

Durability & Strength

The CinchStrap-EG's features a double stitch and fabric pull-tab to ensure they last over several repeated uses. This product safely secures cables without kinking or crimping and facilitates quick moves and cable changes.



  • CinchStrap-EG are durable, constructed from superior high-quality material
  • Attaches to any rack or surface. Use any fastener up to 1/4" diameter for mounting.
  • Buckle cinch gives you more leverage.
  • Brass grommet. Non-magnetic grommet spreads fastener load evenly without risk of ripping the fabric.
  • Reusable
  • Easy release
  • Made In The U.S.A



Size Max Bundle Diameter
1" X 7" 1.5"
1" X 10" 2.5"
1" X 16" 4.25"
1" X 22" 6.25"
1" X 28" 8.25"
1" X 34" 10"
1" X 46" 14"

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Color shown may not represent actual color of product.

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What's in the box?

What's in the box?

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