SealSmart CCTV Compression Coax Kit

Coax Tool Kit, SealSmart For CCTV


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SealSmart Coax Tool Kit for CCTV

The SealSmart Coax Tool Kit is the perfect solution when working on CCTV security maintenance and installation. Includes all tools needed to cut, strip, assemble, and terminate SealSmart compression connectors on RG59 coaxial cable.


  • Ideal for the CCTV maintenance technician or installer
  • Includes coax cable cutting, stripping, and crimping tools
  • For working with RG59 coaxial cable
  • Includes BNC connectors for RG59


What's In The Box

  • Qty 1 - SealSmart Compression Crimping Tool
  • Qty 1 - 8 BNC Removal Tool
  • Qty 1 - BTP-6 Coax & Data Cable Cutter
  • Qty 1 - SealSmart RG59 Cable Stripper (Pre-Set)
  • Qty 6 - SealSmart BNC connectors (RG59)