Child Resistant Pool Alarm - ETL Listed



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Child Resistant Pool Alarm - ETL Listed

The Child Resistant Pool Alarm is designed to operate with either a 9 volt battery or external DC power supply. The surface and recessed models will operate at any DC voltage from 5 - 15 volts maximum. The 12 volt DC power threshold is recommended to keep the audible volume of the alarm at its maximum level.

The new DOOR ALERT/POOL ALARM was designed as an aid for prevention of an unattended access to a pool/spa area by a small child. Monitoring all doors or windows with CLOSED LOOP magnetic reed switches, the DOOR ALERT/ POOL ALARM will sound an alarm should anyone too small to manage the adult pass thru feature attempt access to the pool/spa area. For maximum protection all moveable openings should be protected in such a manner by the GRI DOOR ALERT/POOL ALARM.


The 289CP-1, 289CP-2, 289CP-3 and 289CP-4 can be operated with an on-board 9 volt battery with a 12 volt externally supplied DC power source, in which case the battery will perform a back-up function should the externally supplied source fail for any reason. Both power sources have been designed to maintain a minimum sound pressure level of 85db at 10’. Should the battery voltage drop below 7 volts while in backup mode, a low battery mode will be initiated and the unit will sound 2 beeps approximately every 3 seconds for one to two weeks prior to total battery failure. Battery must be replaced at this time.

It is suggested that some type of surge protection, such as the CS-1 Current Sensor, be used between the power supply and all GRI Pool Alarms using external power.

NOTE: Unit will function at minimum 5VDC at a very limited sounder volume. This power level is considered total battery failure.


  • ETL Tested To Be In Compliance With Standard for Safety, UL 2017, and Florida Building Commission Code Requirements, Per ETL Listing Number 3035022
  • Exceeds Operational Requirements of Model Barrier Codes
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Monitors Entry to Pool and Spa Areas
  • Instant On Or 7 Second Delay Models Available
  • Surface or Flush Mount Models
  • 7 Second Adult Shunt. Changeable to 15 Seconds
  • Built-in Back-up Battery Capable
  • Must Be Hard Wired To Remote 12 Volt maximum 500 mA Source or To Plug In Power Source. Applied Voltage Must Not Exceed 15 VDC. Battery for Backup Only.
  • Made In U.S.A.


What's In The Box

  • 1 x Child Resistant Pool Alarm